About us

From the Beginning

In 2011, Free To Fly Inc. was founded to create a positive learning experience for those interested in the sport of Gymnastics, Ninja Warrior, Parkour or Tumbling helping them to become more disciplined, focused, and create and inspire a healthy lifestyle. Overall, our company can be characterized as a gym that starts each student with the core foundation, followed by structured lessons intended to take them to more advanced skills and body conditioning.


We Are Different Creativity in teaching methods will set us apart from our competitors, using both repetition and variation. We believe that a child must have fun and truly enjoy what he or she is doing to learn successfully. Our teachers will be trained in more unique methods that other facilities may not stress upon, which is not only teaching the sport but creating a mentally strong and physically healthy child using gymnastics, tricking, parkour and cheerleading as a tool, aiming to create healthy habits that will be instilled throughout all aspects of their life and into adulthood.

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